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A platform that bundles open compute open source software all in one. This gives companies the ability to have private or public cloud at their premise.

Rancher Kubernetes on Open Compute

We specialize in seamlessly integrating Kubernetes environments on recognized Open Compute Hardware, tailored to meet the diverse demands of modern IT operations.

Empowered by  MiTAC hardware, we provide a fully operational, integrated solution designed for private/public cloud deployments, to maintain a competitive edge.

Our Platform, built on Rancher, offers a unified multi-cluster management capabilities, seamlessly integrating your private hardware with leading public cloud providers such as  Azure, AWS, Google, Digital Ocean.

Solution Certified on OCP
Rancher Open Compute Cluster / Cloud in a Box
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Open Compute

& Parler Cloud Technologies

Our solutions are certified by the Open Compute Project Foundation. Our participation in the Open Compute Project Foundation (OCP) combines both open source and open collaboration to hardware to increase efficiency in the cloud world.OCP’s collaboration model is being applied beyond the legacy data center helping to advance and scale cloud industry and infrastructure.


Our Software combines the capabilities you get from a lightweight container OS, optimized to deliver containers, with the robust security, networking and storage capabilities you’ve come to expect and depend on from a hardware hypervisor.

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SCS leverages MiTAC's OCP Inspired™ Tioga Pass Ultra servers and Edgecore's OCP Accepted™ network switches.

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